This one is something that will definitely help a lot all those in E-commerce

My team has been working on this e-commerce store that had one winning product, which we scaled hard in April/start of May at target ROAS.

However, it started dying mid-May – we wanted a 2.0 ROAS and it was going to be 1.8, 1.7 and even 1.3 at a point

We started testing everything like crazy, and we test a lot with PPE audiences and ad sets. (We had like maybe $400 per day budget on our main Website conversion campaigns, and about $30 on PPE for testing).

The 1st day we launched the new tests, they had an ROAS of like 2.0

So we were like, damn that’s weird. They’re doing better than the main campaigns.

We launched more tests, raising the budget on the PPE

Next thing we know, BAM! it started getting 3 ROAS and even 4 ROAS on some days.

We digged deeper — and found that the main difference is that Almost ALL impressions were going to SUGGESTED VIDEOS

Suggested videos ARE NOT available on the WC objective

These were where all the sales were happening

And yes, we tested doing no SV and only news feed — they had high CTRs (2% compared to the 0.5% of SV) but absolutely 0 sales

Here’s our conclusion:
If you have a great video, getting people to watch the video is MORE IMPORTANT than getting the click — ESPECIALLY when you BURN OUT your WC campaigns

We just launched a Video Views objective on the same ad sets with same targeting — 3.0 ROAS

All ad sets were just doing $3/day, but getting $0.5 – $1.0 CPMs

We revived the account from doing 1.3 ROAS a few days ago, back to 2.0 ROAS as of the weekend.

Today we have even reached a 2.17 ROAS as of noon, which is great for my client, since his target ROAS is 1.4, and this means a huge potential for more profit once we start scaling up even more

We will keep testing this strategy in some of our clients accounts and let you guys know how it continues 

We hope this info helps some of you ecom guys out!